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hello, hello! from Lora del Río Seville Spain
by Mercedes Martín - Sunday, 21 September 2008, 1:37 PM

Hi there!

hope everyone is Ok. At the moment all of us look very busy. I can't find any funny comment in my e-mail. Where are youuuuuu??? 

This first week working with children was very nice. I tried some of the new techniques learnt in Ireland and believe me or no, that worked with my 22 eleven year old students. thanks, Jame we really enjoyed swimming aroung the ABC,s island.  :-)

Joao and Fatima I take note of your February calendar. You are very lucky, you have short holidays in Carnival, Although it is still very far, we keep in contact to go together if it is possible. Muaaaaa

Maria and Zacharias, your son is very nice. The pictures are so beautiful and Mr. Taca, taca looks very well in his suit. It was a pity that Maria wasn`t in any pictures. Never mind, we will see the album next  summeeeeeer!!!

For the rest of both Irish families and Irish teachers hope you are well because as I said before I miss your amazing comments.

Lots of hugs, kisses and love for everyone  :-)  :-)