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Dublin August 2011
by Catherine Corbisier - Tuesday, 5 July 2011, 4:19 PM

I hope that by doing so, I'm on the right page inside the course!!


I'd just like to introduce me to you all before we meet in August...My name is Catherine Corbisier, but all my friends call me Cathy. I'm 52 (nearly old age, isn't it?) I live in Belgium - the French speaking part of it!-more precisely in Waterloo, the town where Napoleon was defeated! I'm married and have 3 children, the last one still being at university.

I teach Dutch & English in a secondary school to youngsters aged 15-18 and I love it! I also speak German, but no Spanish! (I see from the list that almost all students come from Spain...Sorry, but I will only be able to communicate with you in English. So much the better, that is after all the goal of this course!)

I used to practise much sport, but I had a serious accident 4 years ago, so the only thing I can still do is aquaerobics. In my free time, I sing in a choir and i paint ( watercolour)

I hope we'll have a great time together and am looking forward to meeting you in August