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INTERACTING. Our courses for 2013 !!
by INTERACTING/ Miriam - Wednesday, 21 November 2012, 9:54 AM

Dear Friends of Interacting,

Hope all of you are well and making the most of your Interacting resources. We would love to work with you again in the new year.

It is a pleasure to announce that next year 2013 we will continue running more courses in DUBLIN, MADRID, BERLIN and BELFAST!

MADRID: “Play to Learn, Interacting in Madrid. Teaching and learning strategies combining games and technology in the classroom”.

- 30th June to 6th July

- 21st to 27th July

- 27th Oct to 2nd November

MADRID: Primeros Pasos en Español (First Steps in Spanish) teaches the methodology of games and songs in teaching Spanish.

- 30th June to 6th July

- 21st to 27th July

DUBLIN: “Play to Learn, Interacting in Madrid / Dublin. Teaching and learning strategies combining games and technology in the classroom”.

- 7th-13th July

BERLIN: “Stretching the imagination” , designed for those with INTERACTING experience.

- 28th July to 4th August

BELFAST: “Our one-week residential English language course is held in Belfast and in the Northern Irish seaside town of Bangor”.

- From 27th October to 2nd November

In the following link you can see all of them clicking on the heading "Teacher training courses".

You can apply for the course which suits you best. Due to changes in the way the Comenius/Grundtvig database is administered, some of our courses on Comenius do not have a reference number. You are still eligible for funding however the procedure is slightly different. If you wish to apply for one of our Comenius courses please contact us for information on how to apply.

With reference number "ES-2013-360-001" published in the Comenius - Grundtvig Training Database From 30th June 2013 to 6th July 2013 in Madrid we will run "Interacting in Madrid Teaching and Learning strategies combining games and technology in the classroom"

As you will see we will be combining exciting new ideas of Theatre and Technology.

Please find this link where you can see all the details and the programme:


We hope to see you again and please tell any friends and colleagues who may be interested in applying.


* Teachers (Pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs).

* Teacher trainers * Careers officers, educational guides and counsellors.

* Inspectors.

* Head teachers/principals/managers of schools/organisations offering adult education.

* Other (Paid or voluntary) management staff in the institution/organisation.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to pre-register you.

Sincerely yours,




Tlf: 915 400 783

Contact: 9:00h to 16:00h