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e twinning project on books and films
by Paraskevi-Nektaria Androna - Thursday, 4 September 2014, 5:09 PM

Hello everybody, have a nice school year! Here in Greece we open on the 11th of September. For now we go to school to prepare our classroom, plan the excursions  and come up with ideas for projects.

Me and my colleague , Zoi are  planning an e twinning project  focused on literature.  We are making a list of books that have been made films such us "The war horse", "Manolito Gafotas", "La pettit Nicola"," Oliver Twist" e.t.c. that is open to discussion.

Our students (11-12 year olds) will choose from that list the book they want to read. After reading it ,  they will present it to us however they want( with a video, a poem, a drawing, a mime, a ppt e.t.c. )They will also  tell us the differences between the book and the film.  Afterwards all the participants will vote which film based on the books presented they would like to watch together.

Other activities are also in order such as making a movie based on a book- each school will choose a chapter and film  its  own version of it. All of our works together will make our own book- movie.

If you are interested in joining us, please answer . We are waiting for your ideas!

Happy school year!


P.S. If the language is a barrier, think of the subtitles as an option. I used them in a former project on Galileo

(watch here: new-

  our film- greek team )